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What People Are Saying...


"The meat is so much leaner and more delicious than any other beef we have had. We always buy grass-fed but Lane Legacy is by far the best!"

Stillwater, MN


"You guys.....this is where it's at!!! My dear friends Katie and Bill Lane are dedicated, knowledgeable, and passionate about providing TOP quality beef directly from their ranch in eastern Montana, at an unbelievably affordable price! Take control of knowing exactly where your beef is coming from and are what you eat!

Bozeman, MT


"We got 2 roasts, and they were the best roasts we've ever had!  Tossed them in the crockpot and the meat fell off the bone.  It shredded really nice!  The taste was amazing!  Will definitely buy more in the future!

Baker, MT


"We started with a 3-day dry salt brined Lane Legacy NY Strip in the fridge which creates a nice crust when grilled and added it to an Asian-inspired noodle bowl with sauteed vegetables in a spicy beef broth.  
Do I have regrets about breaking up with the meat departments at Whole Foods, Sprouts, and Costco?  No.
Will I be ordering again from Lane Legacy Beef in the future?  Absolutely!"

Marina del Rey, CA

Premium Photo  Beef cut raw set, on wooden cutting board with old butcher cleaver knife, on white ba

"We made a roast from Lane Legacy Beef for our neighbor's going away dinner party.  After a few bites of roast, without prompting or asking about it, our neighbors said it was the tastiest and most tender meat they have had.  We proceeded to tell them how lucky we were to know where we get good quality meat and who exactly it comes from."

Plymouth, MN


"Lane Legacy Beef for the win....on Valentine's Day!

Thank you for providing this delicious beef so I could spoil my wife with Surf & Turf on this special occasion."

Marina del Rey, CA


"As someone that puts my health at the forefront of any decisions, Lane Legacy Beef has been an easy and delicious selection to source my family's meat to ensure quality and test.  The family behind the business truly cares about their product and are such kind-hearted people and I appreciate that as a cancer thriver."

Savage, MN


"Wow!!  Just LOVE this cookbook and that I always have the ingredients at home to make the recipes.  Two of my favorites are Upside Down Meatloaf and Swedish Meatballs, both are so delicious and are now my GO-TO recipes.  No more purchased bags of meatballs (and yes, don't be afraid of the pickles) it sure is tasty!  The Taco Soup is another favorite, it is hearty and perfect for a cold, winter night.  Thank you Katie for putting this cookbook together, love the pictures of the ranch and family!"

Traverse City, MI

100% Grass-Fed_edited.jpg

"Our son gifted us a package of Lane Legacy Steaks. We grilled them up and really enjoyed them. They were lean and flavorful. This was our first time trying grass-fed steak and it did not disappoint. We will be trying more in the future!"

Prescott, WI

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