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After much anticipation and requests over the years, we are finally bringing our ranch raised, home grown, 100% grass fed beef TO YOU!!!! Our beef is all natural Black Angus and raised right here on the Crescent Cross Ranch in Eastern Montana. Our beef is raised ethically and has been out in the pasture since day one. We have a wide variety of cuts, perfect for any occasion. Our beef is 100% antibiotic and hormone free and NEVER grain finished. 

People want to know where their meat came from, so you can rest assured that you will be eating meat raised on our family ranch! Quality beef from a family you know and trust!





With years of experience in the industry, the Lane family has been developing its customer relationships in the Northwest and Great Plains states for 4 generations. As a large cattle producer in Montana, our family knows the importance of bringing high quality beef to consumers.  Raising all natural, grass-fed beef is our way of bringing a nutritious and flavor packed product to you.

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Raising kids and cattle

While growing up in the Minneapolis area, I was always drawn to the beauty of Montana.  The big, blue sky, the gorgeous mountains, and the wide-open spaces stole my heart when I came out to Bozeman for college at age 18. I had hopes of getting a nursing degree and living on a ranch.  Both of those dreams came true for me and I feel blessed to be living out here in Eastern Montana working as a nurse and helping my husband raise cattle.  

Good nutrition and healthy living are important to us as we raise our children and our cattle.  Our Black Angus cattle are raised all-natural, no antibiotics or hormones, free to graze grass on the open range of our pastures.  We take pride in the quality of our beef and I believe it's attributed to the cattle's healthy living on our ranch from birth to butcher.

Feeding my family a well-balanced, nutritious diet has become a passion of mine.  Grass-fed beef can have as much as five times the amount of Omega 3 fatty acids as grain-fed beef which is so important for heart health and brain development.  It has less total fat, therefore less calories; and a positive effect on cholesterol levels.  Being a nurse, a wife and a mother of 3, I take pride in providing my family with healthy meal options.  Grass-fed beef is a frequent staple in our diet. 


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